Thursday, September 26, 2013

Help Atheist Movies!

Since my first post on this blog in 2007, many things have changed. Atheism has kept going to rise, lots of materials have been published on the subject matter, more people has begun to talk about atheism, a new cat has joined to our family, meanwhile my file hosting accounts have been shut down and worse Google has disabled the ads for my blog inevitably, so I've no other income from this blog except very little earning from Amazon sales.

Of, course I don't do this for money, I'm doing it to spread the voice of reason but on the other hand I've needs in real life too. So, almost as an ad-free blog, I decided to start a Pledgie campaign (I've cancelled it. You can now use Paypal donation button. Read below). I just want you to help me to raise the money just close to my yearly Google income.

Since I'm on blogspot, I've no server costs, but keep in your mind that most of my bandwith is used to renew the deadlinks (also for new materials). I do it like a daily job, and releases them under Weekly Updates. So I'm trying to keep alive this blog as an archive for enthusuiasts and who are thirsty for knowledge and also, ones who cannot this kind of materials anywhere! (Noone likes dead links or unseeded torrents).

Also, I'm going to buy a scanner if the campaign reaches its goal. So I could scan the books that you can find nowhere, or I'll buy your suggested books and convert them to PDF or other formats. What do you think?

PS 3 I found this PitchIn widget. Now you can make your donations clicking PitchIn button!

PS 2 Well, I got a reply from Paypal. It seems that I cannot use send money applications such as Pledgie due to they aren't allowed to my country. My only option is Paypal donate button, so you can directly send donations without any problem via this button or my Paypal address, and this is a better choice because there is no disadvantage of Pledgie fees as well (except some fee that Paypal keeps each donation). Only handicap is there will be no donation meter but I'll change the status manually.

PS. There is problem with Paypal. I don't know why but all donations which comes from Pledgie appear to be reversed by Paypal. (Normally it has accepted every payment). I sent an email, until I get a reply, I cancelled the campaign.

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