Friday, February 28, 2014

God and the Atom - Victor J. Stenger

"It needed a good physicist to show us the fallacy, and Victor J. Stenger lucidly does. . . I learned an enormous amount from this splendid book."
Richard Dawkins

"Potent, readable, and well-timed. . . . It should be widely read."
Sam Harris

Originating separately in both ancient Greece and India, the concept of the particulate atom—one of the most successful scientific hypotheses ever devised—persisted for centuries, despite often running afoul of conventional thinking because of its explicit atheism.

Until the twentieth century, no direct evidence for atoms existed. Today, however, the fundamental particulate nature of matter is undeniable. In this history of atomism, physicist Victor J. Stenger makes the case that, in the final analysis, atoms and the void are all that exists. From the back cover

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