Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Atheists in America - Melanie E. Brewster

"Atheists in America—a vital new contribution to the growing literature on nonbelievers—reveals in their own words how a wide diversity of people learned to live lives of integrity and meaning without God. The book also grants readers ready to hear it the message that not only is it okay not to believe, being an atheist can be both enlightening and liberating."
Michael Shermer

This collection features more than two dozen narratives by atheists from different backgrounds across the United States. Ranging in age, race, sexual orientation, and religious upbringing, these individuals address deconversion, community building, parenting, and romantic relationships, providing a nuanced look at living without a god in a predominantly Christian nation.

Upending common social, political, and psychological assumptions about atheists, this collection helps carve out a more accepted space for this minority within American society.

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Format: pdf


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